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Filters System



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      上海瑞山净化系统有限公司把“活力、进取、诚恳、专业”结为一体。拥有专业的过滤器技术人员、优秀的企业管理人员、 严谨的质量控管流程,用真诚的服务为广大客户研制、开发、设计、生产及加工各类过滤器产品。主要产品包括:初中高效过滤器、化学过滤器、耐高温过滤器和特殊用途过滤器等。公司拥有先进的无隔板、有隔板空气过滤器生产设备,具备完善的检测手段。本公司产品广泛应用于半导体、电子技术、医药卫生、生物实验、食品饮料、机电设备、环境保护、化工、涂装、汽车制造等行业。


SHANGHAI RVCS COMPANY is devoted to development, manufacturing, wholesale and retail of cleanroom project, clean equipment, air filters, high temperature resisitance filters, and also provide the services of related technology and equipment.  RVCS has the most advanced computercontrolled automatic production lins for Mini-pleat panel air filters, separatro air filters and cartridge filter, and possesses perfect testing process and the dust-free workshops. Our products are widely used in semiconductro industry, electronics industry, pharmaceuticals industry, biotic experiment, food and beverage industry, electromechanical device,   enviromental protection, chemical industry, painting industry, automobile industry and other fields. 

RVCS always makes efforts in market development with the perfect quality, good pre-sales and after-sales services.The product sales volume are improving year by year, and the market shares are continues to increase. We focus on creating the perfect system of sales and service. To give the fastest response speed, the best solution method to satisfy our clients’different requirement.

Meanwhile we are not only paying attention to improv marketing openning, but enhance the ability of human resources. We have senior research engineer, senior technical personnel who dedicated to support the better product quality and manufacturing. Attaching importance to training and education of employees, and advocating the spirit of “the More Challenging, the More Innovation”, the company has created an excellent manufacturing team, which is vibrant, dedicated and innovative.

With the company sustainable development and its team growing day by day, RVCS will contiune adhering to the“Regard Customer as the Centre”concept, and consolidate the main basis to make great strides forward to a wide range of development. In the fierce market competition,the company will forge ahead to do brand expansion with the strategy of “ Creating First Class Brand ,Bulding First Class Enterprise” in the face of  opportunities and challenges, creates a brand new world!

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